Lasai unveils their 20-foot electric solar boat

Lasai Marine, a Spanish manufacturer and designer of electric boats, is expanding its presence in the market. They are now prepared to distribute their Lasai 20 electric solar craft and other models in both local and wider European markets. Their holding company, Beraunberri investment group, is supporting this strategic move. Lasai Marine handles all aspects of their business, including design, construction, and sale of electric solar-powered boats. Their main focus is on recreational boats that can be used in inland, river, and coastal waters within a range of 12 miles. Additionally, they have plans to develop larger models that can serve as passenger transport ferries or shuttle boats, thereby further promoting sustainable and environmentally-friendly mobility.

Lasai 20 CR, for inland waterways, with a battery capacity of 20 kWh

Ready to conquer the thriving solar boat market

The Lasai 20 relies on an electrical propulsion system powered by a photovoltaic solar generator, which is available in lengths ranging from 6 to 6.8 meters. The boat is designed for easy maneuverability, allowing a single person to operate it with ease, highlighting its flexibility.