I cannot use my details (username and password) to login. What could be the reason for that?

You may have a typo in your details – here a few tips: Please double check caps lock, uppercase and lowercase input of your email address or your username and password.

If you do not recall your password, we can send you a new one: “Send new password”. You simply need to enter your email address and you will automatically receive a link to a website with recovery options.
If you do not recall your username, which may be identical to your registration email, please contact our support team. We can also help you regarding advertisement and client number.

Contact us

Email: support@boatopoly.com

My new password, which I requested to be sent has not been received – what could be the reason for that?

It is possible that you used another email address with your registration compared to the one you have just checked. Or you have made a mistake in your email address.

Please contact us via the contact form. We would like to help you further. Please keep your client or advertisement number ready or already inform us about it in your message.

Contact us

Email: support@boatopoly.com

I have not received any purchase requests – what could be the reason for that?

Demand for your sale object is too little for your pre-set conditions (for example the price).

Or your object is particularly unusual, large, exclusive, etc., which is the reason why it may take longer to find the right buyer. Very expensive objects usually take longer to sell. According to statistics it takes around 270 days until a boat is sold.

Please check whether your email inbox is potentially full.

The provided email address may potentially have a typo in it or you are using a different email address. Please check your email address and correct it, if necessary. You can also contact the support team for further assistance. Please indicate the number of the advertisement or the invoice.

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What is the reason for not being able to see the changes to my advertisement as such?

When loading a website, the internet browser saves the website in the browser cache.

In order to view the latest version and therefore the changes to the website, it could be helpful to refresh the page (often with F5 or with the “refresh” button of your browser). In particularly persistent cases it may be necessary to delete the cache (temp) list.

Why is my advert not listed at the top of the page, even though I have only activated the advertisement just now?

In order to ensure a fair visibility of your advertisement and to provide high selling chances during the entire period of listing, all advertisements are mixed continuously during their listings. Therefore objects with a longer period of listing have no disadvantages.

How can I extend the period of my advertisement listing, if the end draws near?

You can extend the listing period of your advertisement by logging into your user account. Go to ‘My advertisements’ and choose ‘Extend’ as an editing option.

Furthermore, you will receive an automatic notification email towards the end of your listing period, which enables the extension of your advertisement very conveniently via a link. This option can be deselected in your email settings.

Which file formats are possible for photo uploads?

Photos can be uploaded with file formats jpg, gif and png for the moment – there are more options to follow.

If you should have your photos in different format types, you can convert them into another format with a picture format converter. Alternatively, you can send the photos to us and we can organise the upload on your behalf: support@boatopoly.com

How can I deactivate or delete an advertisement?

If you have sold your boat successfully and you no longer require further enquiries, you can of course delete your advertisement.

Please log into your user account and choose ‘My advertisements’ on the overview page and click on the option “Delete”.

You still have the offered sales object, but you would like to discontinue the advertisement for a limited period? In that case we recommend to only “deactivating” the advertisement, because you can then activate it again at any time. However, the purchased period of listing continues on.


Where do I find an overview for access numbers or statistics of clicks to the advertisement?

After you log in to your user account, you can view the current number of visitors to your advertisement in ‘My advertisements’.

Where can I view my own advertisement at Boatopoly?

After the login to your user account you can select your advertisement under ‘My advertisements’.

If you should have several objects advertised, you can select the desired object from a list. Then, your advertisement can be viewed as it is viewed by potential buyers and from their perspective.

Alternatively, you can search for your object with a search function, which is located in the menu bar. You do not need to be logged in.

Recommended approach: First of all, choose the category of your boat or object (i.e. motorboat or sailing boat). Afterwards you can enter the search title into the search bar according to the title of your advertisement. The more precise your title entry, the faster you will find your advertisement in the results.

Is there the possibility for a partial reimbursement if the boat was sold before the end of the purchased period of listing?

First of all, congratulations on your sale. We hope that the advertisement has contributed to the sale of your object.

A reimbursement after the activation of the advertisement is unfortunately not possible – even when no sale took place. We would like to make the effort to create future advertisements more attractively for buyers and apply our experience and knowledge.

According to the agreed upon terms and conditions the full fee is payable at the time of advertisement publication. A reimbursement is ruled out and is neither transferable.

Can I receive an invoice for the paid advertisement?

Of course you will receive a proper lawful invoice for the paid fees. The invoice indicates all appropriate requirements in accordance to tax law as well as other necessary information and taxes.

Are prices stated as gross or net amounts? And how is Value Added Tax handled?

The specified prices are gross prices, which include the Value Added Tax amount already. This means that no further VAT is added. The VAT is stated according to the law.

As a private customer from a EU country, your national sales tax is shown and the net price is calculated so that the gross price is the same regardless of your country of origin.

Exception: You advertise as a company and your company location is in other countries of the EU (not Germany) (1) and you own a sales tax ID number (2), which you have indicated and confirmed in your user profile (3)? This is when the invoice issuance is without VAT.