Boat and yacht sale in India

Sales in the foreign market

From a global perspective, most yacht manufacturers use the sales model through branches in countries that they consider to be sufficiently lucrative. This approach has the advantage that the company’s own sales and presentation strategy is also transferred to the new markets, therefore ensuring a certain quality. Especially dealers of exclusive yacht brands try to get into the circles of the boat and sailing clubs and to become better known there. After all, building relationships plays one of the most important roles in closing a sale. There is, for example, the Yachting Association of India (YAI), which exists since 1960, which is more of an association within the Indian Olympic Association (IOA) and to which almost 50 clubs are affiliated. The Royal Bombay Yacht Club (RBYC), on the other hand, has existed since 1846. It is based in the Colaba region of Mumbai, has quite elite members and also helps with the registration of boats.
Sale methods in India

The situation is not that different in India, as most foreign boat manufacturers have a sales office. Even more than in other markets, an Indian dealer sells several brands than being exclusively responsible for a single company. The still small size of the sales market does not yet provide another method. Only the very well-known brands have at most one or two exclusive dealers, who are then responsible for the entire state.

Mumbai Gateway

For the interested boat buyer, the absence of professional dealers and dealers who represent several companies at the same time means a good deal more bargaining power. In recent years, retailers have increasingly accepted price discounts and a reduction in their own profit margin in order to generate sales. Whilst a retailer already enters the race with a margin of 30%, one can assume that in the course of the negotiation he is willing to reduce this to just under 10% – depending on the skill and the position of the customer on the one hand and from the urgency and the selling pressure of the dealer to the other. –

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