Benefits of listing with us

List your item on Boatopoly for maximum exposure. Whether you’re selling a boat, yacht, vessel, trailer, or any other boating-related item, Boatopoly is your gateway to reaching potential buyers locally and globally. Discover the advantages of listing with us and unlock a host of benefits.

Listing on Boatopoly offers you:

Effortless listing

Instantly place your advert, with the flexibility to edit it later. No mandatory fields and limitless options for listing parameters.

Global visibility

Your listing is visible to both local and international buyers. We automatically translate your ad for broader appeal.


Prepare your advert in advance, select a future publishing date, easily deactivate it without deletion.

Valuable tools

Our platform automatically generates a detailed exposé of your boat for your convenience and the benefit of potential buyers. Sharing your Boatopoly advert via email or social networks is a breeze.

Detailed statistics

Keep track of visitors and favorited clicks with our advert visitor statistics.

Efficient notifications

Stay informed about any changes to your advert's status through our notification center and email alerts.

Safety priority

Boatopoly prioritises your security, providing protection against spam and scams.

Secure communication

Communicate and negotiate directly with potential buyers on our platform. Our secure message center is your hub for all communication.


Manage your advert with ease. After posting, you can deactivate, extend, edit, duplicate, or delete it as needed.

Always here for you

Our Boatopoly support team is available 365 days a year. Reach out to us here or email us at, and we will respond promptly.