The Sealander – vision becomes reality

On land, on water, just not in the air yet

Lovely! With the caravan to the water. On the weekend. On vacation. It is coming with you. It drives.


Launch the Sealander like a boat. He swims like a boat. Tailgate up, top roll up like a car. The arbor is ready. Enter!


Cozy for a picnic. Big windows. Casual for lying down. At eye level with the water.


Dream away. With your feet in the water. Nature sets the pace, the electric motor takes over the propulsion. A yacht caravan.


Sustainable. Driving license free. On the lake, the river. On the canal. For the leisure skipper. The connoisseur. During the country-city-river discovery.


At the campsite, in the harbor. Two in a Sealander, four in a Sealander. Very loose. –