Sales marketing of your own boat


A boat is not a good like any other. In order to sell it in the best possible way, it is necessary to arouse the buyer’s interest in such a way that he perceives it as special or a rarity – or in the best case, falls in love. Our tip: Do not advertise your boat on countless platforms – this could signal that it is difficult to sell or that it is readily available because it is sold everywhere. This phenomenon can also be observed with other expensive purchases, such as properties that are offered by several brokers, even possibly at slightly different prices on several platforms. The potential buyer in such case will be less inclined to call or visit.

Boat marketing

For the boat for sale, you can provide extensive information about the boat and the terms of sale with Boatopoly. In particular, technical details can be quickly searched for by the knowledgeable buyer – but personal comments and preferences also increase attention to your ad. Note that if your boat can be discovered by international buyers, your boat may get a better price, so the basic information screen is displayed in multiple languages.

  • Features and specifications
  • Identification of the boat, such as serial number, date of first registration
  • Details of equipment, furnishings, inventory
  • Photos from outside and inside
  • A personal description, e.g. for which occasions the boat is particularly suitable.

It is crucial to be precise, truthful and accurate, since a faultless display description can project on the quality of the boat.

Selling boat to foreign buyers

Whether intentionally or unintentionally – since the transportation costs have decreased, today the sale is aimed at international buyers. Boat buyers no longer perceive national borders as an obstacle to purchase. We therefore recommend that you always write the sales advertisement in English. Selling to a buyer from abroad is more the rule than the exception today. Around 50% of all buyers come from abroad, and that does not only apply to large and expensive boats, including boats under EUR 100,000.00.

Viewings and test drives

Make it easy for the buyer. Buyers often make a long journey to view the boat. Make sure that the prospect will have enough time to review the boat and develop a relationship with it. He should be able to get to know your boat and learn to love it.

If you have a mediator or contact person who you can use for the tour, it can be a good idea to prepare the boat tour in two stages. This gives the buyer the opportunity to express himself openly and critically without having to hold back. First of all, your contact person gives the interested party access to the boat. The owner himself will only be added in a second appointment. The buyer can get to know the previous owner and ask him personally about his experience. When it comes to price negotiations, the mediator can take over again, unless the owner is experienced or hesitant to do so. This approach can make it easier for the buyer to make a purchase decision. –